Search Driven Business Analytics A New Search Engine

  • Search engine trends to discover the searched data in seconds

    The powerful search analytic solution where anyone can use to search data and promptly get the answers are called search driven analytics. Instant search terms, which produces results before you have finished typing and offers suggestions for what you wanted to look for.

  • Why search driven analytics?

    Analytics built on a search platform that can be available and used by everyone. The search data analytics assists business executives to identify correlations, trends, outliers, patterns, and business conditions in real-time. The new search analytics enables to break down the stress and filter it in many different ways in order to analyze data more precisely. Drive your business more forward with search driven analytics.

  • Quick Performance analytics with search driven capabilities

    Executives today, yearn for a way to connect their business acumen with timely and sophisticated manner. The search-driven analytics provides a great way for it. This lets the users easily create and share visualizations, generate reports on the performance with desired search capabilities.

  • Self-service analytic without an IT support

    The search driven analytics are designed to adapt rapidly & frequently to the changing business needs. Because of the rich user interactive feature, user adoption is typically greater with self service search-analytics than compared to traditional BI.

  • Provides better insights for numerous industries

    Companies across all industries, from retail ,healthcare, financial services, etc. can rely on Roosboard to explore the raw data into usable business insights with quick search driven analytics which also has ability to analyze big data on seconds and generate reports quickly.

  • Gain overall analytic experience with search based

    Get the best user search experience for your integrated application to enhance the enterprise grade, speed, scalability, flexibility and reliability. Now save your huge amount of time, keep the essentials data at your fingertips and empower your organizational speed with search-based analytics.